Professional Services

Your Homecare Homebase system receives updates three times per year, continually expanding its functionality and providing your team more tools for enhancing agency operations and providing better patient care. It’s a good idea to seek a periodic checkup to be sure your agency continues to get maximum benefit from these new tools and your overall Homecare Homebase system. That’s where Professional Services comes in.

Remote checkup
Without having to set foot in your offices, the team can easily “check-in” with your system to ensure all functionality is active and working efficiently for your team. Take full advantage of everything your system has to offer!

Onsite sessions (one-on-one, or one-on-several)
End-users’ effectiveness soars when we visit your offices and work with them, answering questions and auditing the way they use the Homecare Homebase solution for hands-on learning. If you’ve seen some employee turnover since implementation, this is a great way to bring your new faces up to speed quickly.

Updated training (onsite or via teleconference)
A quick session or two, filled with tips for getting the most out of the system, builds confidence and brings everyone back on the same page.

Support at the executive level (onsite or via teleconference)
Strategic opportunities abound within the agency dashboard and operational reports. Our Professional Services team can show you how to find and leverage some you may have overlooked.

You’ve invested in a tool that keeps getting better. Periodic checkups are the best way to be sure you continue to get full value. Your agency profits, your employees benefit, and the patients you serve can be sure of receiving your best.

Ask your Homecare Homebase representative for details.