Pricing & System Options

Pricing for Homecare Homebase is straightforward.

You pay:

  • One-time software and user license fees
  • Training, structured the way that best suits your agency
  • Annual maintenance and hosting, covering all updates, upgrades and dedicated day-to-day support

You save:

  • On infrastructure and additional IT staff. Back office system requirements are minimal. You likely have all that you need.
  • On equipment. You choose your own wireless carrier and Android-based mobile equipment. We proactively review upcoming technology, even participating on the development road maps with the manufacturers and carriers, to add certified point-of-care devices to our ever-expanding array.

Many Homecare Homebase customers opt to extend the capabilities of the Homecare Homebase solution with one or a variety of optional Homecare Connections™ products. Each is designed to enhance data delivery throughout your agency and further integrate various agency groups into one, cohesive team. Options include:

  • Knowledge Link™ -for sophisticated financial, operational and marketing data analysis
  • Provider Link- to create an easy, secure link for facilities and physicians
  • Referral Source Link- to equip your Admission Coordinators for smarter, more strategic meetings and stronger relationships
  • Family Link-to provide concerned loved ones an online forum for information exchange
  • Partner Link- for seamless communication with vendors, regulatory agencies, payroll and more

Learn more at Homecare ConnectionsTM.