Operational Advantages

At the heart of the Homecare Homebase solution are intuitive, field-tested processes designed with your staff’s satisfaction and productivity in mind. Developed through years of first-hand experience, you can count on this automated workflow to:

  • Dramatically reduce prep time for IDG meetings, with everyone in the patient’s circle of care getting the right information at the right time
  • Equip each employee with an easy to use, real-time control panel that clearly outlines outstanding tasks and prioritization of work
  • Enhance the patient experience with an informed caregiver that has the latest patient status and preferences right in her hand, even during an on-call or emergency visit
  • Put everyone on the same page, affordably. Our Android-based mobile version allows you unprecedented freedom when selecting devices for use at point-of-care
  • Monitor and easily track the patient-specific volunteer hours and community-bereavement activities of your volunteer staff
  • Provide employees access to the system from anywhere via a secure web-based interface
  • Drive accountability by automatically escalating tasks and notifying management
  • Track staff eligibility through the fully integrated system, ensuring licenses are up-to-date and training requirements are kept current

With the Homecare Homebase solution you empower your clinical team with everything they need to know about the complete history and status of their patient, while the operations team can proactively track volunteer hours, communicate with physicians and coordinate the bereavement process.