Partner Link

Partner Link keeps you close to partners, vendors and more

Medicare. Hospitals. Physicians. Hospice. The Partner Link extension to your standard Homecare Homebase system eliminates the need for data re-entry, time-consuming searches and redundant tasks. Share information in a HIPAA-compliant environment that provides enormous business advantages, including increased speed and accuracy and even improved compliance with Medicare, Medicaid and regulatory agencies. It’s an easy way to gain efficiencies and accuracy among all your preferred agency applications and suppliers. From its inception, the Homecare Homebase system was designed to be interoperable across a patient’s circle of care. The Partner Link interface provides easy exchange with:

The Partner Link interface provides easy exchange with:

  • ADT (Admission, Discharge and Transfer)
  • Hospital Patient Information Systems
  • HIEs/RHIOs
  • Pharmacy
  • Suppliers/Order Entry
  • Telehealth & Telephony
  • Electric billing with full support to submit 837 and retrieve 835 files to Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Insurance
  • General Ledger & Financial Transactions
  • Payroll
  • Training Solutions
  • Back Office Solutions
  • Outcomes & Statistical Analyses
  • Custom solutions including custom extracts for clinical studies and outcomes
Seamless interoperability allows you to bring new efficiencies to every interaction with outside vendors and agencies.