Homecare Connections

Extend your automation solution with Homecare Connections™

When your agency faces operational challenges—aggressive local competitors, sprawling territories, spiraling partner paperwork, growth through acquisition or any number of other issues—it can be helpful to have special tools at your command.

We’ve developed a range of these customized tools called Homecare Connections. Each is designed to integrate with your Homecare Homebase solution while extending its capabilities to give you more precise control over a particular aspect of your business.

These optional tools are among the first of their kind in the industry. Developed with direct input from our customers and shaped by our expertise in the operational, financial management and regulatory demands of the homecare industry, they can help you succeed in a rapidly changing environment.

The tools:

  • Knowledge Link™- to make informed, strategic business decisions
  • Provider Link- creating an online information exchange with facilities and physicians
  • Referral Source Link- for stronger relationships and smarter meetings
  • Family Link- to facilitate online connections for your patients and their families
  • Partner Link- keeping you connected to HIE’s, partners, vendors and more